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Weddings have been performed for thousands of years and the style has no doubt changed with the tradition. One thing that remains to be a must is having perfect hair .

In March of 2013,  I had my wedding in Key West in a beautiful historic garden. Being a stylist, I immediately knew how I wanted my hair.  A very classic up do, soft curls pinned up ,embellished with finger ways.
Fashion week of New York has come and gone,setting the trends for the rest of the year.I saw a bunch of hair that I loved and hopefully will inspire your look on your wedding day.
A timeless look

A timeless look

 A classic style is the easiest way to achieve elegance and not have to worry about being on trend.

Wind swept up do
Wind swept up do

 A wind swept up do is really popular for this spring,perfect for showing off your neck line and keeping hair off your face while breaking a cookie cutter mold.

Half up half down

Half up half down

 This style seems to be one of the most popular looks on a wedding day. Much more relax than an up do, it keeps your face open.

Lovely waves

Lovely waves

Beachy waves are always a beautiful look for an outside setting. I really enjoy doing this look on someone who has lots of layers to incorporate volume and definition.

  With the bountiful options of styles, it’s easy to get lost in a maze that only a hairstylist has the ability to shine the light on. Every detail is booked and set but the last finishing touch is the locks. There are multiple factors that can play into what you’re looking for . Venue, if it’s inside or out side. What time of year it is? The type of dress you picked out.

It almost seems endless.

  What ever your decision is. Make sure to consult with your stylist and do a trial run for hair and make up. Photos are a great way to present your vision but personalization will bring it to the next level.

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