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Sunless Spray Tanning Sunless tanning provides a healthy glow with out the harmful effects of the sun. Twist Hair Studio uses a high end tanning solution with a natural finish and a pleasant scent. Look like you have been laying out all day in only a few moments. Featuring packages that continue your tan and save money. A single tanning session is $35. Bronze Package features 3 sunless tanning sessions for $90 Silver Package features 5 sunless tanning session for $125 Gold Package features 10 sunless tanning sessions for $200 Book your appointment Online now with Jax! or contact the salon directly.

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Think it. Feel it. Doit.

Where do you want it? Doit Dots are perfect for any occasion! Sports, Body Art, Decoration... They even protect your iPhones..

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Great fun for any occasion and safe for kids, teens, and adults. GLOJEL glows under black light and comes in 5 different florescent colors so you can be as creative as you'd like -- With your Hair, Body, & Face.

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