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Rodney McPherson Art Twist Hair Studio is a multipurpose space. The creation of beauty with hair is just a small part of what we are about. The salon also poses as an art gallery to some of Orlando’s great artist. “Organic Art Forms is the inspiration of Orlando native abstract artist Rodney McPherson.”  
Rodney McPherson Art

“Back to Nature”

His pieces capture a unique flare that enhances our eclectic atmosphere or can easily stand alone on a white wall. Rodney’s works leaves plenty of room for contemporary interpretations of what he is communicating. Q: “When did you become an artist?” A: “Well I became an Artist in Highschool. But really didn’t tap into my artistry until around 2000. I got a job working with a small production company making props for amusement parks. Then went on to work for a bigger company working with animatronics   For Walt Disney. And then in 2006 I start to paint on wood and canvas using the techniques I learned when working for the scenic Art company’s. ” Q: “What is your preferred medium?” A: “The medium I prefer would be Acrylic on wood,canvas,or anything rustic that would inspire an organic or aged feeling. Using bright colors I like to blend and layer to give lots of texture and demotion.   Usually finishing off with a polyurethane Finnish to give depth and richness.” Q: “What do you try to communicate with your art?” A: “I hope to communicate beautiful color pallets to the eyes,texture,movement,balance,and a chance to use your imagination to create your own images with in the painting. I want to take people to another place with my art. Creating my own techniques, I want people to think …How did he do that? Come by Twist Hair Studio to see more of Rodney McPherson’s work or contact [email protected] for more information.

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