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Let’s talk about self love. When it comes to well being and self care, it is important to remember that your hair, skin and nails are an important part of your overall well being. You go to the doctor when you’re sick, right? So can we talk about fostering good health by not neglecting your split ends and grown in eyebrows? Let us create an environment where we care for our lovely bodies as they deserve.


In recent years there has been a new spotlight on mental health and how vital it is to your physical existence– how co-mingled the different components are that work together to keep us healthy. We know how busy life can get, with multiple priorities and conflicting schedules. However, not taking time to pamper yourself can have unintended consequences, such as exhaustion and low self-esteem.


Self care doesn’t mean changing your look, accessorizing your lifestyle or buying new things. No, self care points to the profound need that taking care of yourself is a necessary component of performing well, fulfilling your responsibilities to others and to care for those you love. For us at Twist, we see ourselves as providers of that very profound need. You come to us with your questions, desires for change and deep need to relax and have someone nurture your hair, nails and scalp. We people along the road of self care, self love and confidence. Even if that just means stopping by for a free consultation and glass of wine.


Pushing your hair’s health to the back burner can cause breakage, the minimization of movement and make color touch-ups more of a hassle. Pushing your hair to the back burner means more frustrated mornings in front of the mirror and saying “no” to more photos than “yes”. We also worry about our clients when we don’t see them in a while, wondering if everything is alright and how they’re feeling. We are a family here and that’s the way we think of our clients, as people we care about.

  Make sure you’re always taking the time to take care of yourself. Feel better, live better, love better. Come do that at Twist.

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