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Davines Oi Oil I’m pretty sure by now most of our clients have heard of this amazing little thing called Oi Oil. It’s so great, I had to post a blog about it for the summer. The Davines Oi Oil truly does make your hair,well, absolutely beautiful. I use this on myself everyday and on all our clients because it’s perfect for all hair types!
Davines Oi Oil

Davines Oi Oil

Its been featured in Allure and Instyle. This little potion in a bottle has many benefits to it but to name a few. Its clear,so it wont leave a yellow tint for the platinum blondes,does not leave your hair greasy or weigh hair down but manages fly aways and comes with a pump. So your product truly goes a long way. Just apply two-three pumps on dry or damp hair to target frizz. Apply more or less depending on the texture of your hair. Style as desired and you are on your way to healthier hair! [catalog-product id=”1447″]

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