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airbrush make up When ever I’m approached by a client wanting a specific make up look,one of their biggest concerns are “How do I get that natural looking flawless skin?”. My answer to them is airbrush make up. Professional make-up artist have been using this tool to give celebrities’ skin that only an angel could be born with. Luckily, this option has become more and more popular causing make-up companies to create an “at home” airbrush machine.Be sure to ask yourself a few questions before you commit.

What kind of coverage does airbrush make up provide?

Airbrush make up normally produces sheer to medium coverage. Typically, a naturally finished is look desired,so full coverage would probably be best achieved with a different product. How ever,There are airbrush sets that are designed to cover tattoos.

How much will it cost me ?

Airbrush make up can cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollar to a few thousands just for the machine itself. It all depends on the type of quality you want. The make up product depends on the brand.

Is it complicated to use?

Most airbrush machines come with a video tutorial and stencils to help with application. The most time consuming task is making sure you properly clean your airbrush after each use to prevent clogging.

How long does it last?

Its usually water based,so until you wash it off.

airbrush make up

Twist Stylist applying airbrush make up

airbrush make up

There are a laundry list of questions you could ask yourself but I feel these are the most important. It’s a super great investment designed for any level of skill. Easy enough to create a perfect look yet it can be used for more advanced techniques with eye shadow,blush and even lip stick. A tool worth considering if you would like to bring your mug to the next level.

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